Puntland Security Surveillance: Creating Policy Intelligence

In today’s rapidly evolving world, security surveillance has become an essential tool for maintaining law and order. Puntland, a region in Somalia, recognizes the importance of effective security measures to protect its citizens and ensure a safe environment. To enhance their security efforts, Puntland has implemented a comprehensive security surveillance system that aims to create policy intelligence.

The primary objective of Puntland’s security surveillance system is to gather and analyze data to generate valuable insights for policy-making. By monitoring various aspects of security, such as crime rates, public safety, and threat assessments, the system provides policymakers with accurate and up-to-date information. This enables them to make informed decisions and develop effective strategies to combat security challenges.

One of the key features of Puntland’s security surveillance system is its use of advanced technology. The system utilizes a network of cameras, sensors, and other monitoring devices strategically placed throughout the region. These devices capture real-time data, which is then analyzed using sophisticated software. This data-driven approach allows authorities to identify patterns, detect anomalies, and predict potential security threats.

Furthermore, Puntland’s security surveillance system promotes collaboration between different agencies and stakeholders. By sharing information and coordinating efforts, law enforcement agencies, intelligence services, and policymakers can work together to address security issues effectively. This collaborative approach ensures a holistic and integrated response to security challenges, enhancing the overall effectiveness of Puntland’s security infrastructure.

In conclusion, Puntland’s security surveillance system plays a crucial role in creating policy intelligence. By leveraging advanced technology and promoting collaboration, the system provides policymakers with valuable insights to develop effective security strategies. This proactive approach not only enhances public safety but also contributes to the overall stability and development of the region. Puntland’s commitment to security surveillance reflects its dedication to safeguarding its citizens and maintaining a secure environment.

Writer:  Abdullahi Osman Farah

Abdullahi Osman Farah

Abdullahi Osman Farah is a highly accomplished individual who has made significant contributions to the field of technology and security. As one of the founders of Qabaal Software, he has played a pivotal role in the development and success of the company.

With a strong educational background, Abdullahi Osman Farah holds a Master’s degree in Security Intelligence and Strategic Studies. This specialized degree has equipped him with the knowledge and expertise to understand and address complex security challenges in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Abdullahi’s passion for technology and security has driven him to create innovative solutions that help organizations protect their data and systems from cyber threats. Through Qabaal Software, he has developed cutting-edge software applications that enhance security measures and enable businesses to safeguard their valuable assets.

As a leader in the field, Abdullahi Osman Farah has a deep understanding of the importance of staying ahead of emerging security trends. He continuously seeks to expand his knowledge and skills through ongoing research and professional development. This commitment to learning and growth allows him to provide valuable insights and guidance to clients and colleagues.

Abdullahi’s expertise extends beyond the technical aspects of security. He also possesses strong strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities, enabling him to develop comprehensive security strategies tailored to each organization’s unique needs. His holistic approach ensures that all aspects of security, including technology, processes, and people, are taken into consideration.

In addition to his contributions to Qabaal Software, Abdullahi Osman Farah is an active member of various industry associations and networks. He believes in the power of collaboration and regularly engages with other professionals to share knowledge and best practices.

Overall, Abdullahi Osman Farah’s combination of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and passion for security make him a highly respected figure in the field. His contributions to Qabaal Software and the industry as a whole have made a lasting impact on the way organizations approach security in the digital age.

Qabaal Software: A Symbol of Innovation and Development in Somalia

Qabaal Software, founded by Abdullahi Osman Farah and Abdirahman Abdirsaaq Ali, Mohamed Abdirasak Ali, and Abdullahi Mohamed Farah in 2019, has quickly emerged as a technology leader in Somalia. With a visionary approach, the founders have directed the company towards excellence, specializing in web development, mobile development, and desktop applications.

Qabaal Software’s founders, Abdullahi Osman Farah and Abdirahman Abdirsaq Ali, Mohamed Abdirasak Ali, and Abdullahi Mohamed Farah, envision the company as a hub for technological innovation and social development. Strategically headquartered in Somalia, Qabaal Software combines local expertise with global ambitions, contributing to both the local and global technology landscape.

The company excels at creating responsive and secure websites, with a focus on user-centered design. Qabaal Software’s expertise in web development ensures that their clients receive high-quality websites that meet their unique needs.

In addition to web development, Qabaal Software is committed to mobile app development, introducing innovative solutions for both iOS and Android devices. Their dedication to staying ahead of technological trends ensures that their mobile applications are cutting-edge and user-friendly.

Qabaal Software also extends its reach to desktop applications, emphasizing efficiency and user experience. Their desktop applications are designed to streamline processes and enhance productivity, catering to the specific requirements of their clients.

Aside from their technical expertise, Qabaal Software is committed to social responsibility. They actively engage with local communities to develop talent and promote participation in the technology sector. By investing in the local workforce, Qabaal Software is not only driving technological advancements but also contributing to the socio-economic growth of Somalia.

With a commitment to staying ahead of technological trends, Qabaal Software is key to shaping Somalia’s technology landscape and making a global impact. As a symbol of innovation and development, Qabaal Software is making waves in Somalia and internationally.

In conclusion, Qabaal Software is not just a technology company; it is a symbol of innovation and development. Led by visionary founders, the company is making significant strides in the technological landscape of Somalia and leaving a lasting impact globally.

Madaxweynaha Puntland oo Baarlamaanka u gudbiyey Lifaaqa 5aad ee Dastuurka (Dhismaha Baarlamaanka cusub)

Madaxweynaha Puntland Siciid Cabdullahi Deni ayaa maanta oo Khamiis ah Baarlamaanka Puntland u gudbiyey Lifaaqa 5aad ee Dastuurka ee lagu soo doorto Xildhibaanada cusub ee Baarlamaanka Puntland oo ka kooban 66.

Madaxweynaha Puntland oo bilihii lasoo dhaafay diidanaa inuu xeerkan u gudbiyo Baarlamaanka ayaa sheegay inuu hada ogol yahay in doorashada Puntland ku dhacdo 8da Janaayo balse Madaxweynaha & Kuxigeenka ay soo doortaan Baarlamaanka cusub.

Go’aanadii kasoo baxay Guddiga Issimada SSC-Khaatumo oo loo saaray xalinta khilaafka doorashada ayaa ahaa in Baarlamaanka hada jooga uu soo doorto Madaxweynaha & Madaxweyne kuxigeenka.

Waxayna ku baaqeen in 12 bilood kadib Doorashada Baarlamaanka la qabto oo ay shacabka soo doortaan. Arrintan oo ay ku xalinayeen caqabada ka taagan kala saarida Xildhibaanada laga soo doorto Sool & Buuhoodle ee hada ku jira Baarlamaanka Puntland, kuwaasi oo mustaqbalka hoos tagi doona maamulka SSC- Khaatumo.

Macada in Baarlamaanka hada jooga uu aqbali doono codsiga Madaxweyne Deni ee ah dhismaha Baarlamaanka cusub iyadoo doorashada ka hartay hal bil oo kaliya.

Sidoo kale Issimada SSC-Khaatumo ayaa horey u sheegay inaysan soo magacaabi doonin Xildhibaano cusub oo kasoo jeeda Sool iyo Buuhoodle oo kamid noqda 66da Baarlamaanka Puntland, arrintaasi oo meesha ka saareysa dhimsha Baarlamaanka cusub ee Puntland oo ay xiligan Beelaha soo magacaabaan.

Wareegtada Madaxweyne Deni ayaa u qornayd sidatan:


Xeer Madaxweyne Lr 121 ee December 02 2004 iyo xeer Madaxweyne Lr 112 ee November 09 2008, xeer Madaxweyne 153 November 2013 iyo Xeer Madaxweyne Lr 189. November 2018, oo dhamaantood ku saabsanaayeen soo xulida Golaha Wakiilada Dowladda Puntland.

Markuu Garowsaday: caqabadaha ku xeeran qabsoomida Doorashada hal qof iyo hal cod si waafaqsan Dastuurka Dowladda Puntland Qodobkiisa 44-aad.

Markuu tixgaliyey: talooyinka ku aadan in Doorashadu dhacdo wakhtigeeda.

Waxuu go’aamiyey: in dib loogu noqdo nidaamkii Doorashadu ku dhici jirtay ee hore.

“Hadaba Mudane Guddoomiye waxaan Golaha Wakiillada Dowladda Puntland ka codsanayaa in ay soo saaraan lifaaqa 5-aad ee Dastuurka ee qabsoomida Doorashada”.

Wada shaqayn wacan.

Madaxweynaha Dowladda Puntland Mudane Siciid Cabdullaahi Deni.

Go’aankii Deni ee Doorashada Puntland, mid soo daahay oo lama huraan ahaa!

Madaxweynaha Puntland Siciid Cabdullahi Deni ayaa ugu danbeyn xalay ku dhawaaqay inuu diyaar u yahay in Doorashada Puntland xiligeeda ku dhacdo iyadoo loo noqonayo nidaamkii horey u jiray ee Baarlamaanka.

Go’aankan Deni ayaa kusoo beegmay saacado kadib markii Guddigii Issimada SSC-Khaatumo ay soo saareen soo jeedinta xalinta khilaafka doorashooyinka Puntland, iyagoo soo jeediyey in Baarlamaanka hada jira soo doorto Madaxweyne iyo Madaxweyne kuxigeenka.

Issimada ayaa sidoo kale soo jeediyey in 12 bilood kadib la qabto doorashada Baarlamaanka Puntland oo ku dhaceysa nidaamka xisbiyada ama codka shacabka.

Taladda Issimada Khaatumo ayaa taageerayey talooyinkii horey loogu soo jeediyey Madaxweynaha Puntland ee ka yimid Issimada Puntland, Ganacsatada iyo Culumadda, walow Madaxweynuhu horey talooyinkaasi u qaadacay.

Isku daygan issimada Khaatumo ayaa ahaa kii ugu danbeeyey oo lagu baajin karay isku dhac ka dhasha doorashooyinka Puntland.

Madaxweyne Deni ayaa khudbadiisii xalay si weyn ugu duray go’aanka issimada Khaatumo oo uu ku tilmaamay mid khaldan oo ay gacmo kale ku jiraan, isagoo sheegay inuu aqbalay in doorashada xiligeeda dhacdo balse lasoo doorto 66 Xildhibaan oo cusub ee Baarlamaanka Puntland.

Puntland iyo SSC-Khaatumo
Issimada ayaa go’aankooda sidoo kale xal ugu raadinayey arrinta kala saarida maamulada Puntland iyo SSC-Khaatumo.

Baarlamaanka Puntland ayey hada ku jiraan xildhibaano badan oo laga soo doorto Sool iyo Buuhoodle, waxayna issimada horey u sheegeen inaysan soo magacaabi doonin xildhibaanadaas, kadib dhismihii maamulka SSC-Khaatumo, arrintaasi oo caqabad ku noqonaysa dhismaha Baarlamaan cusub ee Puntland oo ka kooban 66.

Tani ayey ku xaliyeen in Baarlamaanka hada jooga soo doorto Madaxweynaha iyo kuxigeenkiisa, si dowlada danbe fursad ugu hesho dhameystirka nidaamka xisbiyada iyo Mashruuca lagu kala saarayo awood-qeybsigii hore ee shacabka Puntland.

Deni ayaa isagu doonayey in wakhti loogu daro balse taasi waxaa si cad uga horyimid mucaaridka.

Fursadihii Deni iyo wakhtigii kalumay
Madaxweyne Deni oo lagu amaanay xiligii uu xilka qabtay inuu dar dar geliyey dhismaha nidaamka Xisbiyadda baddan, inkastoo dadaalkaasi uu hoos u dhigay kadib natiijooyinkii kasoo baxay doorashooyinka Golayaasha deegaanka.

Arrintaasi oo si weyn u dhaawacday nidaamkii la isla ogolaa ee Doorashooyinka, waxaana wakhti kale oo dheeraad ah kasii dhumiyey Madaxweynaha tartankii uu u galay doorashada Federaalka oo hakad ku keentay hawshii dowlada Puntland.

Doorashada Puntland waxaa caado u ah inay mar walba dhacdo 8da Janaayo, waxaana horey u fashilay iskudayo badan oo Madaxweynayaashii soo maray Puntland isku dayeen inay wax ku darsadaan, waxaana u danbeeyey Deni oo hada aqbalay in xiligeeda dhacdo.

Shacabka Puntland ayaa intooda badan taageersan nidaamka xisbiyada badan hase yeeshee waxaa la isku khilaafsan yahay wadada loo marayo.

Mucaaridka Deni ayaa aaminsan in dowlada hada joogta iyadu lugaha qabatay doorashadii Cod iyo Qof, kadib markii wakhtigii ku dhumisay doorashadii Federaalka iyo khilaafyadii ay ka dhex abuurtay degmooyinkii looga guuleystay Golayaasha Deegaanka.

Xoghayaha guud ee Qaramada Midoobay oo ku dhawaaqay qodobka 99-aad ee Xeerka UN-ta

Xoghayaha guud ee Qaramada Midoobay oo ku dhawaaqay qodobka 99-aad ee Xeerka UN-ta

Waa markii ugu horeysay taariikhda oo Qaramada Midoobay looga dhawaaqo xeerkan 99, go’aankan Xoghayaha guud ayaa kusoo beegmay iyadoo golaha amaanka uusan weli meel marin qaraar xabad joojin ah oo dhexmara Israel, Xamaas iyo xulafadooda.

Iyadoo loo tixgeliyo hay’adda ugu awoodda badan Qaramada Midoobay, 15-ka xubnood ee Golaha Ammaanka ayaa u xilsaaran ilaalinta nabadda iyo ammaanka adduunka.

Warqadda uu u diray madaxweynaha golaha Amaanka, Guterres waxa uu ku baaqay mas’uuliyaddan, isaga oo sheegay in uu rumaysan yahay in dagaalka Israa’iil iyo dhulka Falastiiniyiinta ee la haysto, “ay uga sii dari karaan ammaanka adduunka oo dhan”.

Guterres – ayaa ku baaqayay “xabad joojin bini’aadanimo oo degdeg ah” tan iyo 18kii Oktoobar. Wuxuuna si adag u cambaareeyey xasuuqa shacabka iyo burburinta goobaha rayidka ee Gaza.

Dowlada Imaaraadka oo hada xubin ka ah Golaha Amaanka ayaa sheegtay inay diyaarisay Mooshin cusub kadib qoraalka kasoo baxay Guterres.

Haddii goluhu uu doorto in uu ku dhaqmo talada Guterres oo uu qaato qaraar xabbad joojin ah, waxa uu leeyahay awoodo dheeraad ah oo uu ku hubinayo in qaraarka la hirgeliyay, oo ay ku jirto awoodda lagu soo rogo cunaqabataynta ama oggolaanshaha in la diro ciidan caalami ah.

Laakiin shanta xubnood ee joogtada ah ee golaha – Shiinaha, Ruushka, Mareykanka, UK iyo Faransiiska – ayaa haysta awoodda diidmada qayaxan.

Maraykanka ayaa u adeegsaday diidmada qayaxan 18-kii Oktoobar isaga oo ka soo horjeeda qaraar cambaarayn lahaa weerarka Xamaas ee Israa’iil, isla markaana ku baaqayey in la joojiyo dagaalka si loogu oggolaado Gaza gargaarka bini’aadannimo. 12ka xubnood ee kale ayaa u codeeyay, halka Ruushka iyo UK ay ka aamuseen.

Laamaha Amniga Puntland oo gacanta ku soo dhigay ajaanib ka tirsan Khaawarijta Daacish

Afhayeenka Ciidanka Boliiska Soomaaliyeed Sadiiq Aadan Cali (Doodishe) oo warbaahinta kula hadlay magaalada Muqdisho ayaa sheegay in ciidanka dowlad gobaleedka Puntland ay gacanta ku soo dhigeen afar dhagar qabe oo ka tirsan Khawaarijta Daacish, kuwaas oo u wada dhashay dalka Marooko.

Afhayeenka ayaa sheegay Hawgal ay ciidanka dowlad gobaleedka Puntland ka sameeyeen Buuraha Cali Miskaad November 18, 2023-ka ay gacanta ku soo dhigeen ajaaniib u dhalatay dalka Marooko, kuwaas oo ka tirsan Khawaarijta Daacish

“Ciidamada Amaanka Puntland ayaa gacanta ku dhigay afar dhagar-qabe oo ka tirsan khawaarijta Daacish oo u dhashay wadanka Marooko,” sida uu yiri Afhayeenka Ciidanka Boliiska Soomaaliyeed Sadiiq Adan Cali (Doodishe).

Sidoo kale Afhayeenka Ciidanka Boliiska Soomaaliyeed Sadiiq Adan Cali (Doodishe) ayaa sheegay in Hay’adaha ammaanka ay wadaan baaris, isaga oo xusay in marka ay dhammaato baarista ay shacabka Soomaaliyeed la wadaagi doonaan.

Xamaas oo sheegtay inuu heer gebo-gebo ah marayo heshiiska siideynta Maxaabiista

Hogaamiyaha Xamaas Ismail Haniyeh ayaa maanta oo Talaado ah sheegay in gebo-gebo uu marayo heshiis lagu sii deynayo maxaabiista.

Qatar ayaa horey u sheegtay in ay hareen arrimo farsamo. Sidoo kale Madaxweynaha Mareykanka Joe Biden ayaa sheegay in heshiiska heer gebo-gebo marayo.

Illaa iyo hada macada qodobada heshiiskan iyo inay ku jirto xabad-joojin maalmo ah.

Sharuudaha Xamaas ay horey ugu xirtay siideynta dadka ay heystaan ayaa ahayd xabad-joojin iyo siideynta shacabka Falastiin ee u xiran Israel.

Xamaas ayaa sidoo kale gacanta ku heysa tiro askar Israa’iiliyiin ah oo ay qafaasheen 7dii Oktoober.

Israel ayaa sheegtay in dhankooda laga afduubay 237 qof oo ah shacab iyo askar.

Xukuumada Israel ayaa maalmihii lasoo dhaafay cadaadis kala kulmaysey ehelada dadka ku jira gacanta Xamaas, qoysaskaasi oo ku eedeeyey xukuumada Netanyahu inaysan xooga saarin soo-siideynta dadkaasi.

Gaza: Duqeynta Israel oo sii xoogeysatay xili dagaalo ka socdaan waqooyiga

Xoogaga Falastiiniyiinta ee ka dagaalamaya Gaza ayaa sheegay in ay khasaaro u geysteen ciidamada dhulka iyo Taangiyada Israel.

Dagaalada fool ka foolka ah ayaa ka socda waqooyiga Gaza, waxaana xalay dhulkaasi ka dhacay duqeynmo xoogleh.

Israel ayaa laba jibaartay duqeynta cirka ay ku wado waqooyiga Gaza & xeryaha Qaxootiga oo ay sadex kamid ah shalay duqeysay.

Waxaana gebi ahaan go’an khadka Internetka oo ay jartay Israel.

Tiradda dhimashada shacabka Gaza ayaa mareysa in ka badan 9.770 qof oo ay ku jiraan 4.800 caruur ah.

Dallada Mucaaradka Puntland Oo Madaxweyne Deni Ku Eedeeyey Hurinta Colaad Cusub

Dallada Mucaaradka Puntland ayaa maanta war saxaafadeed kasoo saaray hadalkii uu shalay madaxweynaha Puntland Siciid Deni ka jeediyey xerada ciidamada daraawiishta Puntland ee 54aad, iyagoo ku eedeeyeen inuu iclaamiyay colaad cusub.

Warsaxaafadeedka dallada mucaaradka ayaa loogu baaqay ciidamada Puntland iyo taliyayaashooda in ay ilaaliyaan sharciga ,waxayna sheegeen in aanay Puntland u horseedin qalalalase iyo iyo burbur.

Madaxweynaha Puntland, Saciid Cabdullaahi Deni oo shalay ka qaybgalayey xilwareejinta taliyaha cusub ee uu dhowaan u magacaabay ciidamada daraawiishta Puntland ayaa sheegay 70% inay dowlad fulisay nidaamka doorashooyinka qof iyo cod, halka inta hartay 30% looga baahan inay dhamaystiraan ciidamada qalabka sida.

Tallaabadan ayey wallaac xoog leh ka muujiyeen musharaxiinta iyo siyaasiyiinta diidan in doorasho dadweyne lagu qaban karo xiliga u haray xukuumada talada haysa.

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